This blog is now retired, but holds lots of memories from a long run. The reader is invited to check out the following pup guide: Thanks for lots of wags! Puppzz 

Merry Christmas From Puppzz Kennel (with Kobi's help!)

Watch Pup Kobi wrap the Christmas gifts! VIDEO HERE Used with permission: 10 hours ago This is pawsome! Would you consider letting me post it on my PAH blog as a Christmas feature? http://www.   1 reply 0 retweets 1 like Reply   1 Retweet Like   1 View Tweet activit Kobi    🐷   🐶   😈   ⬇️   💦 ‏   8 hours ago More Awrooooo *wags* of course

Pup Copper Feature - Contest Winner

Meet Pup Copper, the title holder of Puppzz Kennel Sexiest Pup 2019. Of course this isn't the only contest he has participated in. He took 4th place in the 2017 Mr. Cincinnati Leather contest and he has ambitions for a future contest, but you will have to ask him about that! The Winning Contest Photo Pup Copper tells us he has been a pup since December 2012 and that he discovered the pup world while attending Pup Night at a local bar in Cincinnati. Just look at this cute puppiness!   Pup says you can find more of his overall cuteness on Instagram as PupCopper86 Someone likes to strut his stuff it seems! Woof! When asked what he enjoyed most about being part of the pup community Copper said he enjoys the fellowship and having a "safe space" to go play with family and friends. Smexy Puppers Selfie And now Pup Cooper wishes everyone a  Merry Pupmas! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

And the 2019 Sexiest Pup Is...

Pup Copper Congratulations to all the smexy pups  that entered the contest - there were a total of eleven,  representing several states and countries! There were a total of 107 votes and Pup Copper carried 45% of the vote.  The runner up was Pup Rexxus with 25% of the vote.   The winner gets an opportunity to be featured in the blogspot  and receives a nice little contest dog tag as a memento. A big round of "a-paws" for all who participated!

Featured Artist

It's a pleasure to share the blog's very first artist feature with our viewers. His bio-sketch follows, along with samples of his work. Join me in extending a warm Kennel welcome to: ShylyMrWolf I am an artist, a pup, and a furry, and I have always been interested in the BDSM lifestyle, but I have only recently made it a subject of my artwork, thanks to the encouragement of one of my good friends. My favored medium is digital painting, as I find I have the most control over my canvas and brushes.   The aesthetic of dominance and submission is very fascinating to me, as there is a strange beauty to be found in a man bound in rope and leather, his body red and bruised from the strikes of a flogger, and his master standing proud and strong. The Furry Fandom had also introduced me to strange creatures who's power and ferocity exert control over smaller, weaker forms. This amalgamated into fantasies of strong beasts showing their dominance over me. These of course

2019 Contest Participants

Pup Sparks Thumper Pup Blue Pup Blazey Pup Apo Pup Mars Pup Luke Pup Rexxus Pup Nakoa Pup Copper Pup Splash

"Collaring" Survey Responses

QUESTION What should pups consider before accepting a collar? RESPONSES * The relationship with the person collaring * * How will it impact them physically & emotionally * * What it means to be collared * * How will others see it * * What they want from it * * The symbolism & significance of a collar * * Trust* * Are they truly turned on by being owned/controlled by the person * * Are they committed to this lifestyle * * Are they happy with their Sir/Handler * * Have they truly earned it * * How well do you truly know your Sir/Handler * * Is the Sir/Alpha the right fit * * Be aware fo what the collar truly means *